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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which aren't answered below, please call us at 602-THE-CARD or (602-843-2273) and we will be pleased to help.

How can anyone afford to sell Prepaid Cards at such a low rate?
Without giving our Trade Secrets away, with the volume of prepaid cards that we sell each day, the small fees that we charge add up to a make a reasonable profit. Note: In order to avoid these fees and in order to keep costs low enough to be able to sell Prepaid Cards at Wholesale at such a low rate, RCS charges a small fee to accept credit card payments.

Is there a minimum order?
NO. Your company can order as little as 1 card at a time or as many cards as you would like. On orders of $1,500 or more the shipping is free.

Do you only sell wholesale?
YES, we only sell wholesale to businesses and we do not sell to the general public or individuals. Only Companies which have completed a Wholesale Application and have been issued an account with Reward Card Solutions (“RCS”) can purchase Reward Cards (“Cards”) from us.

How do I qualify to buy wholesale gift cards from you?
In order to buy Reward Cards and gift cards wholesale from us you must be a business entity and complete a Wholesale Application. We will then verify the information provided online through state or other websites and the SDN List.

How can I qualify to buy wholesale from you?
Simply complete a Wholesale Application and we will do the rest. Typically your RCS Account can be set up and you can make your 1st purchase within 48 hours from submitting your Application.

How does the card ordering process work?
Once your RCS Account is set up you will be able to place your orders either by fax or email. Just fill out our simple Order Form telling us how many Visa, MasterCard or gift cards you want at what card Loaded Value ($25, $50 or $100) and select your method of payment. You will then receive your cards by Overnight or 2nd Day Air Secure Delivery. Once your cards are delivered they'll be active and ready for use.

How long does it take to order and receive the Cards?
Generally as long as we have enough cards in stock to complete your order and payment has been verified, you can either choose to receive your cards the following day by Overnight delivery for a small shipping charge or by 2nd Day delivery which is FREE for orders in excess of $1,500. Typically even very large or special custom orders can be securely delivered within 7 business days.

How much do the cards cost?
Costs of cards are dependant upon volume per order, please contact us for your pricing.

What denominations ("Loaded Value") of Cards to you offer?
The standard Loaded Value of the Cards are either $25, $50 or $100. Custom Loaded Values are available upon request.

Can I add a custom message, name or have a custom Card design on the Cards?
Yes. Special order cards are available on a case by case basis.

What are the Cardholder terms and conditions?
The Cardholder terms and conditions are typical that you would find with similar cards. You may request a copy of the terms and conditions through our Contact Request.

Is sales tax added to my Card?
There is no sales tax added to your Card order.

What if the Cards are lost during shipping?
If your cards are lost or stolen during shipping we can simply replace them for you.

What do I do if my Cards are Lost or Stolen at my place of business?
If your cards are lost or stolen after you receive them, as long as you can tell us which cards were lost or stolen prior to funds being spent on them, the cards can be canceled and reissued.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept many methods of payment including Wire or Bank Transfers, in bank deposits, money orders, credit card, cashiers and other checks. Orders will be processed and delivered once we have received clear funds.

Do you supply credit?
In order to avoid costs related to credit, billing and collections and in order to keep cost low enough to be able to sell Cards at Wholesale, RCS does not extend any credit to its customers. All orders must be paid in full prior to the Cards being delivered to you.

Can I have my Card order delivered anywhere?
The Cards can be shipped to any address that you instruct us to in writing. You may add additional shipping addresses or change your primary shipping address by completing an Change of Address Request Form.

Are Cards available for use or sale outside of the United States?
The Cards can be used to make purchases outside the United States just like any other card. RCS currently does not sell Cards to non-United States companies but we can put you in touch with one that does.

How are Cards delivered? What is the cost?
2nd Day delivery is FREE for orders in excess of $1,500 or you can choose to receive your cards by Overnight delivery for a small additional shipping charge.

Does someone need to sign for the delivery of the Cards?
Yes, someone needs to sign for all deliveries. When placing an order you may request delivery only to a specific person.

Do you provide shipping tracking numbers for the delivery of the Cards?
Yes, we can email or fax you an order confirmation along with the shipping tracking information. If you do not have an email or a fax we can also provide you with this information by phone.

Do you provide insurance on shipping of the Cards?
Yes, we provided $100 of shipping insurance on the delivery of the Cards. This is sufficient because the Cards that are lost or stolen during shipping can be replaced. Any Cards that are lost or stolen prior to you receiving the Cards will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

How do I place my order?
Once you have an RCS Account call for your Order Form at (602) THE-CARD (602-843-2273).

I just placed my order for Cards. How will I know my order was received?
You will normally receive a confirmation within 24 hours for each order placed through email or by fax during normal business hours.

Do you provide refunds?
Because the loaded value on the cards can be used by the purchaser there is no need to issue a refund for the loaded value; just use the reward cards or gift cards. We’ll issue a refund of any fees paid if there is a problem with the cards

Can I pick up my Cards?
Yes, you can either pick up your Cards at one of our warehouse and shipping location in Mesa, Arizona or you can pick them up from a Local Convenience Outlet for a 1% Convenience Fee.

Can I change or cancel my order?
We will do our best to accommodate any changes or cancellations of an order. However, we can not guarantee a change or cancellation if the order has already begun processing. Special or Custom Orders cancellations may present additional issues.

If there is a problem with my order what do I do?
Please contact us immediately at (602) THE-CARD (602-843-2273) or via E-mail at order@rewardcardsolutions.com. We will do our very best to resolve any issue that may arise as quickly as possible.

When should I reorder Cards?
It is wise to always be aware of your Card supply and to plan for your expected needs. so as not to deplete their inventory during their peak season. Please keep in mind that some Loaded Value on Cards may not always be in stock and may take a few extra days for you to receive them.

What are your hours of operation?
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time

How can I speak with a representative of Reward Card Solutions?
You may simply call us at (602) THE-CARD or send a request on our contact page.

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